We’ve trained thousands of people from hundreds of different organisations – including startups, major corporations, public sector bodies, charities and NGOs. We know what learning content to deliver, and how to make sure it sticks. All of our courses are highly interactive – delivering a mix of formal tuition and hands-on, practical exercises.


Telling stories with data

Data is the lifeblood of every modern organisation – but the insights gained from analysing it are only truly realised when they can be expressed concisely and clearly to other people. This course will give you and your team the confidence and skills to translate raw data into compelling visual stories for your key audiences.


Product management

Product management means using data and customer feedback to create and iterate products and services. It's being rapidly adopted by organisations large and small, but to get real benefits it's an approach that needs buy-in from across an organisation – finance, marketing, content creation, development and sales. Our course will get everyone pulling in the same direction.


Communicating complexity

Successful communications are all about making the message as simple as possible – but this can be difficult when the subjects we're talking about are inherently complicated. This course is for anybody who needs to distill information down into key messages for important stakeholders, funders and investors, decision makers and members of the public.You'll learn proven techniques for grabbing attention and changing minds through presentations and public speaking, infographics and data visualisations, and written reports and online posts.

Tailored courses

Everybody's needs are different – and we have have extensive experience of tailoring training and content and delivery for clients. We can embed learning sessions in away days or other events, deliver bite-sized sessions in-house at your office, develop learning content tailored to your business or sector, and deliver remote training and online learning for your teams.