This is a collection of useful online tools that relate to the areas we cover in our training workshops. We’ve generally focused on tools that are free (at least initially, there may be a premium version available). We’ve used all of these ourselves for projects at some point, and we have no affiliation with any particular software company, so these are choices are completely independent.

If you’re looking for downloadable resources from a workshop we’ve delivered for you, head to the downloads page.


Infographics and presentation tools

These tools will help you create reports, online graphics, printed materials or presentations. They're useful when you need to bring together a collection of graphs, charts and other elements to tell a story.


Interactive data visualisation tools and libraries

With digital media you can create data visualisations that have layers, with insights revealed when the user wants to see them. These tools and JavaScript libraries allow you to make you own interactives.


Photography, illustration and icon resources

Unless you're a designer or a photography, finding great images to add to reports or presentations is difficult. These resources give you totally free access to great photos, illustrations and icons.


Project and product management tools

If you're unhappy with your existing tools, or you're still trying to track and manage projects using email and shared drives, these easy-to-use tools will allow you to keep everything in one place.