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Surfing technological change

  • Republic 2 Clove Crescent, East India London E14 2BE UK (map)

The wave of technological change is only getting bigger and faster – so how do you ensure that you're ready to surf it, rather than being washed away?

As part of London Tech Week, we're bringing a host of experts to share their insights into the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses in the years ahead.

Through a series of dynamic Q&A events and panel discussions hosted by Fire Plus Algebra founder Alan Rutter, we'll explore how individuals and organisations can succeed in a constantly changing landscape, and share the strategies and tactics that will ensure success.

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Session include…

The human side of digital transformation
Whether you're an established organisation seizing new opportunties, or a startup looking to scale up and grow, your people are just as important as tech. How do you manage, lead and inspire your teams when the business world is changing so quickly, and new skills are required constantly?
Heather Taylor-Portmann (Programmes Director, OverTime Leader)
Tal Schmueli (UK Exec Director, Jolt)

The future of work 
With the possibilities of 5G-enabled remote working on one hand, and the rise of 'slashies', portfolio careers and the gig economy on the other – what will 'work' look like in ten or twenty years' time? How does that manifest itself in the physical space, as well as how we interact with other professionals?
Andy Dunn (founder, Creators Club)

Business storytelling in tech 
If the tech underlying your business is complex, how do you ensure that it is understandable to – and trusted by – the wider public? And how can you get your message heard in an increasingly noisy world?Panelists:
Iain Swan (brand strategist and founder, Put Your Finger On It)
Cathy White (founder and director, CEW Communications)

What next for social media? 
Social platforms are ubiquitous, but constantly changing. How will the move towards private messaging and away from public posting affect marketing via social media? Are there core principles for using social media that remain, regardless of the platform?
Mercedes Benson (social media and influencer marketing specialist, Brand Partnerships Manager at Complex Networks)
Drew Benvie (founder, Battenhall)

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